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Puedes Hablar is a free website designed for students taking a variety of Spanish and French courses. It is specifically geared to the textbooks Puedes Hablar and Spanish for the Workplace published by Fe MarĂ­a de Varona Finch, and to the French books Horizons and Personnages, but the website can be used by anyone interested in advancing his knowledge of Spanish or French.

How to use this site: Students

This website is completely free but you must register to use it.

The website is designed for students who are using the books Puedes Hablar or Beginning Spanish for the Workplace written by Fe María de Varona Finch or the French textbooks Horizons and Personnages.

If you are enrolled in a course using one of the Spanish textbooks, register for the site under your current instructor's name. Click on the starred "New User" tab on the right hand corner and follow the instructions to register.

If you are not using the listed textbooks but would like to use this website, please contact us and we will give you access.
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How to use this site: Teachers

This website is designed for teachers using the books Puedes Hablar or Beginning Spanish for the Workplace written by Fe María de Varona Finch. The site can also be used as a supplement to any course using the French books Horizons and Personnages. This site provides additional practice for the students through games, listening activities, quizzes, and various on-line exercises.
To register for the site please click on New user and follow the instructions for teachers.
As a registered teacher, you will be able to:

  • monitor your students activities,
  • see the results of their practice tests,
  • post messages for your students,
  • post assignments on the website calendar,
  • use games and reviews for the classroom,
  • use grammar power point presentations,
  • ... and more.

Why learn a foreign language?

In today’s global market, the career opportunities for students who have acquired skills in one or more foreign languages are practically limitless. Knowledge of world languages and cultures is a strong asset and an increasingly essential skill in a variety of careers.

The ability to speak a foreign language, combined with a chosen field, will give students a significantly competitive edge in today’s job market.

And of equal importance are the many non-commercial benefits gained by studying a foreign language and the culture, history and literature of another country.